Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Leaving at last........

Sixteen dissident ministers are leaving the cabinet tonight. 

During this festival season we advise people to be aware of pickpockets. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Stupid logic of UNPers

According to United National Party parliamentarians and their lap dogs, it is alright to rob the central bank. It is alright to remove the central bank from the finance ministry and take it under your wings. It is alright to appoint your mate as the Governor of the central bank, although he is NOT a Sri Lankan citizen. It is alright your appointee to have a son in law who owns a primary dealership in government securities. It is alright for your appointee, the governor of the central bank and his son in law the primary dealer of government securities to live under one roof. It is alright for your appointee, the governor of the central bank to allow his son in law to bid for the government securities. It is alright for him to get double or triple the amount of treasury bonds auctioned, for higher bid. It is alright for your appointee, the governor of the central bank to prevent the government banks participating in the primary bidding in treasury bonds, making it a one horse race. It is alright for the son in law of your appointee, the governor of the central bank to sell back those bond to the government banks with a fat profit margin.  It is alright for son in law of your appointee, the governor of the central bank to make Rs 11 billion in profit in one calendar year by just fiddling with government securities. 

Yes sir, it is alright to engage in all the above and still you are clean. You get the vote of confidence.

However is it bad to break the collective responsibility of the cabinet members. It is bad to understand the fraud and vote with the no-confidence. Yes sir, it is a cardinal sin and for that all the cabinet ministers who voted with consciousness must be kicked out of the cabinet!! 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Kurunegala conspiracy

If you appoint a weak leader, he removes  able leaders around him. That is how a weak leader protects his leadership from the natural born leaders. 

We could see that phenomena taking place in the United National Party at National level and the provincial levels. Weak leader removes the capable leaders at the national level and give the prominence to  like-minded  sissy-boy weak leaders at the provincial level. Subsequently, the those weak provincial leaders do anything and everything to get rid of the better leaders at the provincial level. 

When Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe became the leader of the United National party, it was a cake walk for him as the real leaders of the party were assassinated by the LTTE terrorists. From the first day, Mr Wickramasinghe was busy getting rid of real natural leaders of the United National Party. Natural leaders such as Mr Keheliya Rambukwella, Mr Wijepala Mendis, Mr Sirisena Cooray, Mr Mahinda Samarasinghe, Mr Bogollagama, Mr Imitiyaz Bakeer Maker, Mr Lakshman Seneviratne, Mr Gamini Lokuge, Mr P Dayaratne, Mr Upali Amarasiri, Mr. Milinda Moragoda, Mr Jhonston Fernando etc. were chased out of the party while remaining folks such as Mr Aluwihare and Mr Budhdhika Pathirana were sidelined. 

Kurunegala district was home to some brave and efficient leaders of the United National party. Genial and patriotic figures such as Mr T. B. Welagedara and  Mr Lional Jayathilaka, diplomats and foreign ministers such as Mr Bogollagama are products of Kurunegala district. Firebrands such as Mr Jhonston Fernando and Mr Gamini Jayawickrama Perera are also from Kurunegala. 

We could see the natural born leadership phobia is taking place at Kurunegala district and it destroy the party. Brave and efficient Jhonston Fernado and  popular youth leader Dayasiri Jayasekara were chased out. Mr Indika Bandaranayike also followed suit. 

Only one real leader remains in the Kurunegala District United National Party membership. That is Mr Gamini Jayawickrama Perera. He was educated at Nalanda Vidyalaya, Colombo and used to open bowling for the first XI. Being a medium pace bowler and a good athlete,  he could face challenges and reply in kind. During the 88/89 insurgency, Mr Perera defended his borrow "amicably". 

These days, whenever the United National Party back benchers demand the leadership change, the Sirikotha goons offer to sack Mr Gamini Jayawickrama Perera. All of a sudden Mr Perera has become the sacrificial lamb of the UNP! Perhaps a sissy boy  from Kurunegala district is jealous of natural born leaders. Perhaps that sissy boy is persuading someone at the top to remove Mr Gamini Jayawickrama Perera.  


Saturday, April 7, 2018

'Tis the season to be old self, Fa la la laa, laa laa laa

Thank god, Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe's old self is back. 

During the no-confidence motion week, he was behaving as a stranger. Usually, he ignores his party members and do not talk to them. However during last week, he was listening to all and sundry except Athuraiye Rathana thero. He was giving promises to everybody. Promising to re-structure the party and appoint a new leader. 

Telling the truth we were scared of that strange behavior

During the parliamentary debate on no-confidence motion, opposition MP Mr Wimal Weerawansa has warned his fellow UNP MPs. Mr Weerawansa told them that the although Mr Wickramasinghe is listening to the UNP MP's today, from tomorrow itself he will be his former self. True to Mr Weerawansa's prediction, thank god, old Mr Wickramasinghe is back in PMs seat. 

Prime minister has refused to heed to his backbenchers demands in getting the ministers who voted for the no-confidence motion, out of the cabinet. Mr Wickramasinghe has instructed those backbenchers to withdraw  the no-confidence against those "rouge" ministers. Instead of naming a new leader, he proceeded to appoint a twelve member leadership council (yes, just like the one he appointed few years back). Who is the new leader then? Who else, none other than Mr Wickramasinghe himself!

As the citizens of Sri Lanka, we are happy that Mr Wickramasinge is back to himself again. We look forward to see Mr Wickramasinghe staring a new scheme to rob the Central Bank. Perhaps this time, he could rob Employers Trust Fund too!

PS: It seems Mr Fowsi was lucky. Prime minister has kept the promises he gave to Mr Fowsi and allocated Rs 43,000,000.00, Yes, Rs Forty three million, to buy a new vehicle from Tax payers money. Congratulations Ela Fowsi!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Who let the backbenchers out? Who Who Who.....

Having got the upper-hand during the recently conducted no confidence motion vote, the United National Party  backbenchers are behaving rather bizarre manner. 

They lost no time writing a letter to their leader demanding the expulsion of cabinet ministers who voted for the motion. They want to have those portfolios for themselves.  Knowing that their leader does not take their requests seriously, the backbenchers have handed over no-confidence motions against said ministers. 

I am sure the Prime minister will ignore such stupid demands. Let's see what happens if the prime minister also decides to back his fellow MPs. At most, all what he could do is to make a request to the president to remove the ministers. If the president refuses that, the prime minster could do nothing. It is similar to the situation where the president wanted to get rid of the prime minister. He asked the Prime minister to go. Prime minister decided to stay. President could do nothing!

Our constitution is rather silly one.  President is the head of the state and the head of the cabinet. He appoints a prime minister. Then the prime minister recommends the MPs to be appointed as the Ministers. Once the president get the prime ministers recommendation, he appoints  cabinet ministers. 

When the prime minister wants to sack ministers of President's cabinet, he indicates that to the president.  President could either sack those ministers or ignore the request of the Prime minister. 

If the president sack those ministers, he will be powerless in his own cabinet. No one is there to back him. Therefore one could understand that there won't be any sackings of ministers. What would poor backbenchers do now?

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Confidence and No confidence

Backbenchers of the United National Party have handed over sixteen individual no-confidence motions and one no confidence motion covering several Ministers to the Speaker's office. They demand the Ministers and deputy ministers voted against the prime minister must leave the cabinet. Probably most of the backbenchers are fed up being without any portfolio and trying to chase away the existing minsters to grab their positions. 

According to our constitution, you can't hand over a no confidence motion against an individual minister without naming the government. To be accepted and proceeded by the speaker as a valid no confidence motion, it should contain a last paragraph saying that they have no confidence on minister in question as well as the government. When the Joint opposition handed over the no confidence motion against the Prime minister, they have to include the last paragraph of no confidence against the Government as well. It is a technicality. Without that, a no confidence motion is not valid.

At the moment, the Backbenchers of the United National Party are behaving like a bunch of pre-school kids and demanding this and that. They do not understand that the prime minister can't sack any minister without the consent of the president. The do not understand that they cant hand over a valid no confidence motion without citing the Government. 

By any chance, if the speaker's office decided to  proceed with those ill advised no confidence motions against the ministers who voted with the Joint opposition, it would be an interesting situation. The joint opposition could  let the motions pass in the parliament with majority vote and petition to the supreme court to include the missing paragraph - no confidence against the GOVERNMENT! That will give a god send chance to the President to appoint a fresh cabinet led by a new prime minister.